Factfulness: 10 reasons we're wrong about the world - and why things are better than you think By Hans Rosling, Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Ronnlund >> Book review and free preview

Non-Fiction, Psychology, Business, Statistics, Global Development, Self-Development, Rationality, Data, Cognitive Biases


The Book
In Factfulness, Hans brings out key errors in our understanding of some critical facts about the world, along with a link to the basic human instincts to which they are connected.

The book comprises 11 chapters - first 10 dedicated to the 10 human instincts behind the errors and their link to misunderstanding global development related facts, and the final one about how to bring the principles of Factfulness to practice. The eleven chapters are:

  1. The Gap Instinct
  2. The Negativity Instinct
  3. The Straight Line Instinct
  4. The Fear Instinct
  5. The Size Instinct
  6. The Generalization Instinct
  7. The Destiny Instinct
  8. The Single Perspective Instinct
  9. The Blame Instinct
  10. The Urgency Instinct
  11. Factfulness in Practice

Green - the book is well written and is relevant for general audience. A very important topic has been made very simple to understand, and is complemented with truly eye opening perspectives about various global issues - ranging from climate change to terrorism.

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